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Advanced Discord Pack

These bots take advantage of Discord's capabilities to its full extent. - Music - Revolutionary Tickets - Moderation/Automoderation + audit logging - Embed creation/Button roles - Automated suggestions - Captcha - Leveling/XP There's more, but I'm lazy...

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17 votes
Leveling, xp, ranks, voice, role rewards, auto mod, reaction roles, custom commands, Youtube alerts. Dyno, MEE6, Spanish, español
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472.69k servers
33 votes
Require users to fill out a captcha before being able to talk. Verification, alt detection, anti raid/phishing. Used by big Crypto/NFT
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1.23m servers
0 votes
Chip is a high quality Discord music bot with volume controls, audio effects, autoplay and 24/7 playback!
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8.1k servers
1 votes
Libertas is a Discord bot focused on liberating your Discord experience using some of Discord's most cutting-edge features and components: Buttons, Dropdowns, Forms, etc.!
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