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What people are saying

Website isn't released, but this is what people have said about our development progress!

I love the pictures we've been shown so far! The statistic page looks amazing, this is surely on the road to become the greatest botlist to ever exist!

Creator, Probot is an amazing bot list with an arsenal of features at your disposal.

The team listens carefully to feedback, with you, the user, as their top priority, allowing the website to deliver quality bots that fit exactly what you need in the way that you want.

Creator, Erisly
The website UI as a whole looks absolutely awesome and very user friendly for new discord users.

It got great filter options for what you’re looking for and in general it seems to be a great place to discover new bots, I'm super excited to see a beta version anytime soon!

Creator, ZeroTwo
Loving how is progressing! It has such a great design and staff team, definitely on track to become one of the major bot lists.

Looking forward to see it realise its potential.

Audn have put in so much work in to dlist, I can't wait for it to release! The pictures we have seen gives me high hopes, something I know Audn can do!

I beleve this will be the next big list! And I can't wait for it to release!

Creator, Reaction Roles is going to be the next best bot listing website as its the most complete with countless features making it a lot better than any other currently out there

Audn is always listening to the community and including everyone's opinion when designing it so we feel more involved

Creator, VoiceMaster
I love the design for Dlist, looks very clean. Also like that you are providing analytics to bot owners.

Creator, TypicalBot
As an avid supporter of multiple bot lists, I can easily say this is looking to be the most feature filled and best designed bot list yet. The bot pack feature is exactly the innovation the community needed and wanted.

Whether your bot is large or small, this list will be a game changer for you.

Creator, Dank Memer

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