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Give your server a fresh coat of paint!

❓ Why choose Arcane?

  • Already trusted and used in over a million unique servers
  • Constantly updated and being worked on
  • Nearly everything is free
  • Absolutely NO votelocks
  • An easy to use dashboardFavicon for
  • Reliable/high uptimeFavicon for
  • Gives a fresh coat to your discord server < smirk >

📈 Leveling

Arcane includes a simple dashboard for managing rewards, levelup notifications, and xp options. Everything needed for a leveling experience is provided. Arcane provides full configurability over leveling and other settings. If you enjoy Arcane's features consider supporting the bot and gaining access to modifying even more by visiting the PatreonFavicon for

Level command

🚨 Moderation

Arcane provides a complete moderation suite, perfect for your server. Arcane's powerful auto-moderation will keep your server clean of spam, ads, and more. Use moderation logging to keep your moderators accountable.


➕ Reaction Roles

Arcane provides a free and fast way to configure reaction roles in your server. We even created a short tutorialFavicon for to get you started. Arcane offers many reaction role types and we are always looking to provide more.

🗒️ Logging

No more do you have to wait multiple seconds for logs from other bots or check discord audit logs. Use Arcane's logging features to enhance your moderation experience. Arcane currently logs:

  • Members
    • Join
    • Leave
  • Messages
    • Edit
    • Delete
    • Purge

We are looking to expand Arcane's logging capabilities in an upcoming update. Logging

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