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This bot was written in (1.7.3) and utilizes the following main modules and features:

  • OpenCV (OpenCV-Python is a library of Python bindings designed to solve computer vision problems)
  • Facial Recognition Software (Compiles picture information and details reports)
  • Google Vision + Text Detection (Grabs text off images with serious accuracy)

The main purpose of this bot is to replace "identification" and "emoji" and "selfie" and "paper" verification methods that rely on humans to manually verify users. A role is created in your server called "Auto-Paper Verification" and any user who uses this bot to verify will instantly be given a role once they succeed verification. This will help replace mods/admins/helpers time being wasted verifiying members so they can actually help moderate the server. This method (paper verification) is not meant to give users NSFW (18+) access to your server. Moderation teams spend hours a day verifying users when they could be using that time to monitor chat and interact with people! Why not give them a break?

You may only succeeed if the following conditions are met: -The captcha (word) the bot gives you to place on paper must be a 100% match (Google Text Detection) -The captcha (guildname) must be a 100% match (Google Text Detection) -The selfie you took in image 1 must match with at-least 82% accuracy on image 2 (facial recognition)

Cost of access: -All guilds who join the bot are given 7 days free access. -A quote will be generated after the free trial is up and is relatively cheap, costing 3 pennies per verification.

For all inquiries Add-as-friend and DM the owner: killaxia#6172






  • Paid features