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InfiniBot is a 100% free Discord bot that has all the features your server will ever need.

• Auto Moderation and Moderation Tools, including profanity and spam
• Message and Action Logging
• Welcome / Farewell Messages
• Reaction Roles, Votes, and Role Messages (Improved reaction roles)
• Default Roles (Roles granted to members upon join)
• Purging (Quickly clear any number of messages)
• Embeds (Create unlimited fancy-looking messages)
• Join-To-Create Voice Channels
• Birthday Messages
• Auto-Bans (Ban known malicious accounts before they can join)
• And so much more!

InfiniBot has built-in, fully customizable moderation tools to help you guard against profanity and/or spam. The moderation system features an optional strike system that can be enabled. A lot of focus has been put into InfiniBot's moderation system. Try it out.Favicon for

InfiniBot is equipped with a bunch of tools designed to improve your server, including embeds, welcome / farewell messages, self-assignable roles, polls, Join-To-Create Voice Channels, default roles, birthday reminders, and much more. Give it a try!Favicon for

Message Logging
InfiniBot can log all deleted / edited messages, including files. It can also log whenever some administrative changes to the server are made. This provides an indispensable tool for moderation. Try it out.Favicon for

Our Mission
There are too many bots out there that have a "premium version" or a paywall. The mission of InfiniBot is to provide as many features as possible to as many people as possible entirely for free. Therefore, InfiniBot is free, and will forever be free.

Add the bot, and use the command "/onboarding" to begin the onboarding process. InfiniBot will give you the chance to set up and customize every feature we offer.

Popular Commands
/dashboard - Launch an integrated dashboard to configure all of InfiniBot's features. No need to sign into another website.
/create role_message - Create a user-friendly message allowing members to pick and choose certain roles.
/purge - Purge a channel of all (or only some) of its messages.
/create embed - Upgrade your messages, and create professional, formatted messages.
/joke - Get a joke from InfiniBot






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