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Ali Mascot avatar

Ali Mascot


Hewwo!!! My name is Ali the musical mascot for yours truly

I will offer you my availability using the Slash Commands

In total I have 18 interactive slash commands

🤖 • ──────────〘 INFO COMMANDS 〙────────── • 🤖

1. To see all my commands use /info help

2. To check the activation time, ping, and complete bot information use these commands /info stats /info ping /info uptime

3. To view a web page use /info ss

4. If you find a super mega rare bug use /info bug

🎵 • ──────────〘 MUSIC COMMANDS 〙────────── • 🎵

These are all the commands of the Ali's music category /music join /music leave /music play /music loop /music queue /music skip /music stop /music pause /music resume

🎮 • ───────────〘 FUN COMMANDS 〙─────────── • 🎮

The fun commands available at the moment are /fun rps and /fun achievement

💎 • ─────────〘 EXTRA INFORMATION 〙──────── • 💎

All bar commands were designed with subcommands to enhance the experience and the ability to handle smoothly with the use of commands without prefixes