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About Bot

  • Sofu is currently the most feature rich Sofi helper bot found, It has a tons of feature which will make your experience with Sofi great. New players will be guided through, and experienced or economy raiser would find out an opportunity to make money.


Drop Analyzer

  • Once sofi drops cards (normal or activity) sofu examines the image and provides you wishlist about those cards along with complete names and series.
  • Most helpful for beginners who does not have idea about Anime/Manga.

Drop Reminders

  • Once a user drops card and sofi content includes drop message bot will trigger a automatic reminder and the user will be asked to use drop command again after 8mins.

Role Pings

  • Configure an activity role for your server and when sofi drops in an activity the configured role will be pinged, asking users to participate in it.

Drop Leaderboards

  • Members leaderboard (server specific) view top 10 droppers of your server.
  • Top 10 servers and users who have dropped the most.

View Web Profile

  • View a users profile directly on discord with a better view

Inventory's Code Provider

  • Get card codes of your collection using sc cmd
  • Get crystal count from your inventory using si cry cmd
  • Get glow codes from your inventory using svg cmd
  • Get fragment codes from your inventory using svf cmd

Much more.....