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Hello there! 👋

I am Evaluate, an intelligent bot designed to execute code in over 80 different programming langauges. My skills don't stop there though, I'm also equipped to identify the language of any code snippet, or convert it into beautiful images. In addition to that, I'm a handy tool for saving your code snippets.

But that's not all! I offer the occasional code challenge for you to practice your coding skills and earn points! And if you're a server manager you can even set a channel for me to post them in when they are announced, a great way to promote activity in your server.



  • Core
    • /help | View a list of commands and useful links for Evaluate.
    • /ping | Pong! Shows the latency and ping for the bot.
  • Information
    • /statistics | Shows some statistics for the bot.
    • /server information | Shows statistics and information related to Evaluate for this server.
    • /server leaderboard | Shows the top 10 users with the most points within this server.
    • /user profile | View the Evaluate profile for a user, or yourself if no user is specified.
    • /user submissions | View the code challenges submissions of a user.
    • /leaderboard | Shows the top 10 users with the most points.
  • Code
    • /capture | Convert a piece of code into a beautiful image.
    • /evaluate | Evaluate any piece of code in any language with optional input and command line arguments.
    • Apps > Identify Language | Attempt to identify the programming languages in any number of code blocks/message content.
    • /identify | Attempt to automatically detect the programming language of the provided code.
  • Challenges
    • /challenge | See the latest code challenge and submit your solution.
    • /challenge-channel disable | Disable the automatically code challenge announcements posting.
    • /challenge-channel enable | Enable automatic code challenge announcements in a specific channel with a specific mention.
  • Snippets
    • /snippets delete | Delete any one of your saved code snippets.
    • /snippets view | View any one of your saved code snippets.


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