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Formify is a utility bot for creating powerful forms directly in Discord. We provide you an intuitive user interface and the best customizability. You have full control over your forms.

How Formify Works

All Formify functions are based on forms. To get started you need to create your first form using /form create. To fill your form with life, you need to add form fields using /form fields add. These offer you a wide range of customization options so that it fits your needs exactly. Keep in mind to refer to the correct form, which should fill in automatically as soon as you start typing.

You're almost done, there's just one small step left. You have to define how your members should open your form. This can either be done with a unique command - /form commands add - or you can create a custom message - /form messages create - through which your form can be opened.

Now you are ready. Let your member use your form and Formify will forward the submissions directly to you.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is on of our main priorites. To ensure the best privacy for you and your members, Formify only stores data related to configurations. We will never store any input from your members. Our job is to act like a messenger between your members and you, leaving your data untouched. For further information about this topic, please read our Privacy Policy linked right next to this text.






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