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iTranslator is a brand new bot that will help you grow your community with people from all over the world by providing a powerful and instantaneous tool to communicate between different languages for FREE. The bot allow you to run translation on your discord with a lot of simplicity.

Why iTranslator is better than the others Translator bots?

First of all, iTranslator is totally free! Indeed, most bots are very quickly limited and will require you to pay subscriptions in order to fully use it, and the others will often be poor in quality. Here, you have all the features.

Then, we use a very powerful technology (AI) which will make your translations up to 6 times more accurate than what Google Translation can provide. (*Actually Premium ONLY)

In addition, we have many features that can be customized very easily with the help of commands. These features will allow you to once again push the limits of your server and offer you even more possibilities to use the bot as you wish.

Finally, we are a team with many years of experience in application development. Indeed we are active on the development of this new bot, we offer a quick support on the discord. This will allow us to fix potential bugs very quickly and we will take into consideration ALL suggestions. Is there an option missing? No worries, submit your suggestions and we will do our best to satisfy your expectations as fast as possible.


1 • Instant translation

You can run translation at any time with a very fast result.

2 • Document translation

You can run translation on document with a lot of extensions available (.txt, .html, .htm, .otd, .odp, .docx, .pptx, .epub, .pdf)

3 • Unlimited characters translation per months

You can translate an unlimited amount of characters each months, you have no limit. (see /checkvote command)

4 • Language auto-detection

You can run translation without providing the source language and you can also use the detect command to detect a language from a text.

5 • Flag reaction system (toggleable)

This fun feature allow you to translate text without using command, but directly using reaction with flags. This option can be toggled to on or off.

6 • DynamicTranslatedChannel (toggleable)

This feature allow you to auto-translate from a channel to any other channel when a user is sending a message in a specific channel. Very useful for even faster translation for large communities.

7 • Modern discord interaction support

The bot fully support the new command system of Discord with unique functionalities.

8 • Active support

Bugs are checked and fixed fast. The support is quick if you have trouble using the bot and ALL the suggestions are considered quickly.


Note that ALL commands support Slash Command and the prefix is fully customizable.

  • /help
    • The simple help command.
  • /checkvote
    • Check if user voted for the bot, if yes reset the character limit (simple way to have unlimited character usage).
  • /translate (target_lang) (text...) [source_lang (optional)]
    • The command that allows you to translate text.
  • /flagreaction [true/false (optionnal)]
    • The command that allow to toggle if the Flag-Reaction feature should be enabled.
  • /detect (text...)
    • The command that allow you to detect a language only by providing a text to analyze.
  • /translatedoc (target_lang) (file) [source_lang (optional)]
    • The command that allows you to translate document.
  • /dynamictranslatedchannel (add/list/remove/webhook) (arguments...)
    • The command that allows you to manage DynamicTranslatedChannel feature.

Supports & Links

You can get all the support needed on the Support Discord, you can also submit bugs-report and suggestions if needed! The website is currently in building... More links are coming soon.

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