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Toxicity was everywhere. The bad influence on our communities hung like a dark veil over servers we once loved, it destroyed them.

One day, someone sat down at his computer and started thinking. Thinking about a solution. A solution on the revival of cohesion of those who were expelled by beings who once wreaked their mischief on Discord.

And this one person had an idea.

What if moderation worked by itself? What if we had the opportunity to eliminate what harms us without captivating the friends we love? For months, people have worked with a goal: to develop the best and simplest moderation bot ever made.

Today, we are proud to provide Swelly to every community on Discord. With its features, Swelly is able to detect bad behavior and stops it. Stopping it without punishing harder than needed.

We worked really hard on fine tuning this bot to revive and secure communities we love.


Beside all slash commands, we master the magic of artificial intelligence and auto moderation:

  • Detox AI (delete toxic messages and punish bad actors automatically)
  • Fury (help Swelly decide on how to punish someone)
  • Blacklist (delete messages that contain bad words)
  • Chat filters (from anti invite to repeated messages filters, there's all you will need)

For questions regarding our bot, please join our support server.

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