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SCP 00-Ω


SCP 00-Ω

Main Command


/scp command was created to make it easier to search for SCPs on the internet.
This command has 9 different languages ​​where you can search for the SCP.


Here is my commands!


/commands ➤ All commands.
/info ➤ Show info about ΩMEGA-SCP.
/report ➤ Report a user to ΩMEGA-SCP.
/scp ➤ Find a SCP.


/status ➤ Our Server SCP:Secret Laboratory status.
/bot ➤ Show info about the bot.
/invite ➤ Send the bot invite.
/uptime ➤ Show uptime.
/user ➤ Show info about an user.
/serverinfo ➤ Show info about a server.
/embed ➤ Create an Embed (Full Customizable).
/avatar user ➤ Show user avatar.
/avatar server ➤ Show user custom avatar.
/back ➤ Feedback.
/discriminator ➤ Find a user with a discriminator.
/manage-remind set ➤ Set a reminder.
/manage-remind list ➤ Get all remind.
/manage-remind delete" ➤ Delete a reminder.


/ban ➤ Ban a user (troll).
/kick ➤ Kick a user (troll).
/mute ➤ Mute a user (troll).
/warn ➤ Warn a user (troll).
/kill ➤ Kill a user (troll).
/hack ➤ Hack a user (TROLL).
/hug ➤ Hug an user.
/slap ➤ Slap an user.
/fire ➤ Fire a user (troll or not?).
/hot ➤ Heads or Tails.
/love ➤ Can you be with that person or not?
/dice ➤ Roll a dice.
/ball ➤ Ball.
/goodsoup ➤ Good Soup :D.



Here's the official bot of Omega SCP Discord server, an Italian community, SCP-themed, with over 7000 members.
The bot has a multitude of functions, briefly we illustrate the main ones: - Specific commands of the Omega SCP Discord server, such as commands to obtain specific rules information on server sections, samples and how to request support - Information commands for users and servers (like the famous user info command, with account creation date, Discord ID ecc.) - Commands dedicated to fun, including small games and easter eggs
The bot prefix is / To view the entire list of commands type "/commands"


Ecco il bot ufficiale del server Discord Omega SCP, una community italiana con oltre 7000 membri a tema SCP.
Il bot ha una moltitudine di funzioni, brevemente vi illustriamo le principali: - comandi specifici del server Discord di Omega SCP, quali comandi per ottenere regolamenti specifici, informazioni sulle sezioni del server, sui provini e su come richiedere supporto - Comandi d'informazione per utenti e server - Comandi dedicati al divertimento, fra cui piccoli giochi e easter egg
Il prefisso del bot è / é Per visualizzare l'intera lista di comandi digitare "/commands"