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Experience a modern, flexible moderation system your team will love. Ostra's Moderation Dashboard and seamless interoperability with other bots makes moderation a breeze.

Punishment HistoryFavicon for

  • Track warns, kicks, mutes (which use native Discord timeouts), and bans all in one place.
  • Create punishments with any duration you'd like, even timeouts, which are normally limited to 4 weeks by Discord.
  • The dashboard isn't just for admins! Ostra's Moderation Dashboard offers a fresh, easy-to-use interface for managing punishments.
  • Easy-to-use punishment history: simply use /history , and you can see a comprehensive list of punishments issued to that user, which staff member created the punishment, and who reverted it.
  • Moderation actions performed via native Discord features or even other moderation bots are detected by Ostra as well. Finally, you can keep a watchful eye on everything that happens in your server from one place.
  • Learn more at our Moderation guideFavicon for

Beautiful, modern role menus that make reaction roles look like an ancient workaround

Role MenusFavicon for

  • No more confusing messages flooded with reactions, Ostra's role menus use a discrete drop-down menu, which you can completely configure.
  • Add up to 25 roles per role menu, with no limit to how many role menus you can have!
  • Choose between two different types of role menus: Select One, which only allows the user to have one role from the menu active at a time, or Select Multiple, which allows the user to select as many roles as they want.
  • Use any custom emoji in your server, or use a built-in Discord emoji to represent your roles.
  • Give your roles a brief description so your users know what to pick!
  • Anyone visiting your server on mobile devices will love the improvement!
  • Learn more at our Role Menus guideFavicon for

Easy-to-use, highly customizable welcome messages

Welcome MessagesFavicon for

  • Configure custom join, leave, and DM info messages for your server.
  • Using $${expressions}, you can include many different dynamic values in your welcome messages. View more information on our Welcome Messages guideFavicon for!
  • Set different channels for your join and leave messages
  • Configure Welcome Messages using our modern Welcome Messages editor, with a built-in emoji picker and syntax highlighting for expressions.
  • Switch between Fancy Mode and Compact Mode to fit your server's needs!
  • Learn more at our Welcome Messages guideFavicon for





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