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Track, share, or copy trades with in-depth performance stats & extensive insights on every position. Supporting stocks, options, & crypto. Futures & forex soon.

NVSTly is a free social investingFavicon for platform where traders can collaborate, track & share trades, analysis, or ideas with extensive performance stats. Submit your trades or follow others to receive real-time alerts of their trades. Social traders can automate their signals to social media. In-depth insights on every trade, with our unique POV Charts marking the respective candlesticks for each update, granting viewers the trader's observation of trends and patterns at the time of each action. Earn as a top ranked trader for contributing trades or use our app to (soon) automate copy trading.

NVSTly is a social investingFavicon for platform where traders can track, share, and copy trades with extensive insights on every position and in-depth performance stats. With optional brokerage integrationFavicon for, you can automate the entire process. Follow top traders and receive real-time notifications of their trades, or compete against the best to earn recognition and rank at the top of the leaderboardsFavicon for Submit trades manually on web or mobile apps, or directly on Discord using a unique botFavicon for—the only one of its kind. Share tradesFavicon for to Discord or social media with ease, or use brokerage integration to automate trading signals and instantly share trades as they are executed. NVSTly supports almost all financial markets, including stocks, options, and cryptocurrency (25+ exchanges), with futures and forex support coming soon.

Trade InsightFavicon for generates an interface for every trade, tracking the trader's position events, updates, and notes with real-time status and asset stats and data. POV Charts offer a unique perspective of each trade event by precisely marking the respective candlesticks on the chart, providing viewers with valuable insights into the trader's observations of trends and patterns at the time of each of their position updates.

NVSTly is the fastest growing finance bot on Discord, and the #1 most voted.

Web App: NVSTly.comFavicon for
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-Track your trades (stocks, options, crypto)
-Trade Insight UI for every position -Extensive performance stats on every trader
-Share to Discord & social media instantaneously
-Follow top traders w/ real-time push notifications
-Copy trading
-Multi-broker integration, to automate it all -Community & global leaderboards
-Functional through our web app or Discord bot!

Bot-only features

-Fully integrated with the app
-Trade alerts to your DMs
-Fetch almost ANY market data. Continually adding more
-Prices or stats
-Top gainers/losers
-Earnings info

Coming Soon

-1 click & automated copy trading
-Futures & forex markets support
-Multi-leg & advanced options
-More social aspect, ability to post analysis, ideas, & content public or private allowing comments from your followers or others

Analysts, gurus, trading groups can offer our copy trading functionality to their members with (soon) full control over monetization!

You will need to be signed upFavicon for to use the bot.

  • Input your trades
  • Average up or down
  • Partial exit or trim out of plays
  • Set TP/SL for auto closing
  • Log notes at the end of plays
  • Add updates between actions & include media
  • Follow, give/earn reputation, leaderboard ranks.


BTO - To open long

STC - To close long

STO -To open short

BTC - To close short


trigger ticker @ price

trigger ticker exp date strike call/put @ premium


bto tsla @ 1020.90

sto tsla 12/03 1020c @ 12.32

Full documentation with video guides docs.NVSTly.comFavicon for

Check out our blog to see updates, changelogs, & what's to come. blog.NVSTly.comFavicon for

Supports stocks, options, & crypto. Futures & forex soon.

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