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Bring your TikTok to life with your Discord community

FreshTok allows you to set up automatic notifications to let your Discord community know when you've posted a fresh, new TikTok. (and streams)


/subscribe [creator] - Subscribe to a TikToker and get notified when they post. Optional Options: [channel] [mention] [previews] [video] [live] [live_channel] [live_role] - Specify a channel if you don't want it in your set default channel. Specify a role if you want to mention a role other than your guild default. Video previews are enabled by default but if you don't want videos to upload to discord just set previews:disabled.

/subscriptions - Get a list of TikTokers the server is currently subscribed to.

/unsubscribe [creator] - Unsubscribe from a TikTokers posts.

/user [creator] - Get information and Social Blade Stats (If Social Blade has data) for a TikToker.

/top - Get a list of the top creators filtering by followers, likes or uploads for up to the top 500 creators!

/channel [channel:optional] - Get or set the default channel used for notifications.

/mention [role:optional] - Get or set a role that will be used for notification mentions. Not required.

/permission - See which roles currently have access to manage FreshTok.

/membership - Server Owner Only manage the server's membership.

/counters (list, add, delete) - With this command you're now able to bind the statistics of someone you're subscribed too to a voice channel of your choice.


Guilds with less than 1k members get a single free subscription, guilds with more get one extra that can be used for your alt account.

Additional slots can be unlocked for $1 /slot up to 10 total slots (including your free slot(s)) then you get unlimited.

For the most part, I believe that everyone using it for their own TikTok's should be free but, if you do need more slots, you can upgrade for more by having the server owner use the /membership command.

Payments are handled by Stripe and are managed by the server owner in discord. If you need to upgrade/downgrade/cancel your membership you can do so at any time by using the /membership command again.


Public data is sourced from TikTok, but the presentation is not controlled by them. Use of the name TikTok is for context, not claiming any ownership.
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