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👋 Welcome

SparkV is a powerful multipurpose bot with Music, Memes, Moderation, Leveling, Tickets, and more! With SparkV's 100% uptime, you can ensure your server is the best 24/7.

If you want to learn more about SparkV (Information, commands, etc), run the command /help in any server. If you need help, then you should 100% join Ch1ll StudiosFavicon for, our community/support server for SparkV and other amazing projects by us.

⚙️ Setup

To personalize your server, type /settings. This command will show you a ton of useful settings to make your server much better.

👋 Welcome

Give a friendly helloFavicon for to new users in your Discord server.

📈 Leveling

Fun fact: humans LOVEFavicon for to see numbers go up. SparkV gives users a random amount of xp, between 5-25. That generates chat activity without encouraging spam!

🎵 Music

Rock out to our high quality music service! The quality of SparkV's music is beautiful, not to mention the UI that comes along with it.

⭐ Starboard

Star your favorite messages from your server and place them in a channel for everybody to see.

SparkV Starboard
SparkV Games

🎮 Games

Have fun playing with our many different games, including trivia, spelling, hangman and more!

😂 Memes

Laugh with your fellow server members at some memes!

SparkV Memes
SparkV Economy

💰 Economy

Get rich, or rob rich people!

And many more!

SparkV offers over 40+ unique commands, from hilarious memes to high quality music. You can see the full commands list by clicking hereFavicon for

What are you waiting for?

Level up your server today! Get SparkVFavicon for

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