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The Narwhal avatar

The Narwhal


🏆 Meet The Narwhal, the world’s first mass giveaway bot! 🏆

The Narwhal is a bot that runs Nitro giveaways in your server, completely for free.

⭐ So how does it work? ⭐ The Narwhal runs essentially the same giveaway on every server it is in, so even if the giveaway is in your server, someone from another server might win. This is so that we can afford to supply the Nitro.

🔗 Check out our website! 🔗 https://narwhal.coolFavicon for

⭐ Wait, is it legit? ⭐ Yep! Our bot is verified by Discord and we’ve got lots of proof that we send out prizes.

⭐ Why should I invite it? ⭐ Giveaways in your server are a GREAT way to entertain your members, and have a great time. Don’t forget that The Narwhal is also a really fun game you and your members can play! Learn more about that below.

⭐ How do I set up the bot? ⭐ 1️⃣ Click the “Invite” button. 2️⃣ Run the /setup slash command and follow the instructions 3️⃣ Sit back and wait for those awesome giveaways to come in!

⭐ Is it free? ⭐ Yep, the bot is free to use.

⭐ Can I get extra giveaway entries? ⭐ Yep! Use the /play command for a chance to get a fish. Then use the /feed command to feed the fish to The Narwhal for extra entries. Use the /item [itemname] command to learn more about each fish, and check your inventory with /inventory.

Need more help? Use the /help command for a full list of commands.






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