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0's unique features

Document  access based on Discord Usernames & Roles

bip is a wiki purposefully built for Discord communities. Once integrated with a server, all Discord roles and members synch with bip workspace. One can use these Discord roles to give access permissions (edit, comment, view) to different documents in bip. 

Git like document moderation 

bip has moderated document edit flow. When community members edit a document, the edits are submitted to the document moderator for acceptance / rejection. Only the accepted changes get published. Thus, on bip, moderators will be able to give edit access to anyone without fearing loss of data. 

Contributor attribution

bip has contributor attribution. All edits contributed by a community member are permanently attributed to the member. Hence, contributor attribution serves as intrinsic motivation for members to contribute to the community’s knowledge base. 

Auto-translation of documents

bip offers auto-translation of documents into several languages. Discord severs that have members from different countries can localise their knowledge by using the auto-translate feature. 

Community friendly pricing

bip’s pricing is community friendly. bip charges for 1000 users, what other documentation apps charge for 1 user! 

Access knowledge base directly from Discord 

bip bot’s commands such as /bip-search make it easy to search community’s wiki without leaving Discord. One can create a new document on the community wiki using /bip-new, and copy any conversation from Discord to a bip document by tagging @bip to the conversation. 

Document tree displayed in a dedicated Discord channel 

To make it convenient for the server members to view all canvases, bip creates a channel called bip-canvases and shows the list of canvases in a tree structure. This is one of the most loved features of bip. 

Updates from interested documents

Lastly, server members can choose to be notified for changes to the documents they are interested in. On opting-in, they get a DM notification for changes in the documents they are interested in. 

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