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🌟 Meet Zenesis - Your Ultimate Discord Companion! 🌟

Zenesis is a versatile Discord bot designed to enhance your server experience in every way imaginable. With a wide array of features including moderation tools, leveling systems, fun commands, and informative utilities, Zenesis is the all-in-one solution to take your server to the next level.

🔇 AFK System: Ensure members are not missed while away with Zenesis's AFK system. Automatically notify others when someone is AFK, helping to maintain communication even when users are temporarily unavailable.

📝 Logging System: Keep track of important events and actions in your server with Zenesis's comprehensive logging system. This is one of the most-powerful Logging systems out there!

🛡️ Moderation: Keep your server safe and harmonious with Zenesis's robust moderation tools. Use Already-known Moderation commands, but also unique Systems like Future/Auto Ban.

🎉 Leveling-system: Foster engagement and loyalty among your members with Zenesis's intuitive leveling system. The system presents XP based on the number of Messages or time spent in VC. It can also present the number of mentions.

😄 Fun Commands: Spice up your server with Zenesis's collection of entertaining commands!

ℹ️ Info Commands: Zenesis provides a number of Commands to see Informations about Users or Server.

✨ Elevate your Discord experience with Zenesis—whether managing a community or adding flair to your server!

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