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🔮 About bot

This bot is a versatile Discord bot that can help you manage your Discord server with ease. Equipped with various features such as moderation management, tools, image manipulation, utility, and much more, this bot is designed to provide convenience and comfort in managing your Discord server. With user-friendly and customizable features, this bot will help you create a better user experience for your server members. Whether you're looking for a bot that can help you moderate your server, image manipulation, sticky messages, or even just for entertainment, this bot will meet your needs with its versatile features available.

👑 Commands

To view a list of all available commands, simply type /help in the chat. This will display a list of all the commands that you can use with this bot. From there, you can easily navigate and use the various commands to perform tasks such as image manipulation, sticky messages, managing server settings, and much more. So if you ever need to find a specific command or just want to explore all the different capabilities of this bot, just type / > universe bot in the chat to get started.

🤔 Why should you give Universe Bot a try?

  • We have 99.94% 24/7 Uptime
  • You need sticky messages system for free? yes you can get it from this bot
  • Need poll system with chart & button in your server? you can started using this bot

📚 Features

  • Image Manipulation and minigames for fun with your friend.
  • Channel Manager for easy manage the channel in server.
  • Moderation for moderate member in the server who violating the rules.
  • Setup system like report user, suggestion, chatbot, ghostping detector, etc.
  • Sticky Messages with modal for reminder about the channel topic & channel rules.
  • Utility tools like search engine, pw generator, reminder, sourcebin generator, etc.
  • Embedbuilder with button, selection & modal.
  • Polling system with Chart Graph.
  • User Profile with custom badge, customize.
  • And much more...

📂 Categories

  • 🧩 Slash Commands
  • 🧩 Moderation
  • 🧩 Automod
  • 🧩 Image Manipulation
  • 🧩 Sticky Messages
  • 🧩 Polling/Votes
  • 🧩 Suggestions
  • 🧩 Search Engine
  • 🧩 Utility
  • 🧩 Tools
  • 🧩 Fun
  • 🧩 Minigames
  • 🧩 EmbedBuilder
  • 🧩 Channel Manager
  • 🧩 Voice Manager
  • 🧩 Role Manager
  • 🧩 User Profile
  • 🧩 Emotions
  • 🧩 Notepad
  • 🧩 Chatbot
  • 🧩 Warn System
  • 🧩 Etc...





  • Interactive buttons