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Welcome to Connect!

Connect is a social media application and service for users of all types with no censorship, tricks, or lack of privacy.

What is Connect?

Connect is a social media app, such as Twitter, inside of a Discord bot. Discover a new community of Discord users without having to clutter your server list!

There's No Such Thing as a Bad UI

Connect's user interface is handled by a few talented developers who are willing to go above and beyond for the wellbeing of the community. Connect's UI is very clean and easy to use. It's also very interactive, meaning the bot guides you every step of the way. We put extra time into the UI so even people who don't know how to use Discord have an easy time navigating Connect.

Say Good-Bye to Confusing Guides, Terms of Services, and Privacy Policies.

Connect's guides are written by a human being trying to make your life as easy as possible. Connect's guides are very easy to understand and follow. They cover almost every aspect of the bot, with a tutorial command to learn right inside of Discord. And at Twisea, we can't even afford a lawyer, so our ToS and Privacy Policy are written by the same guy who wrote the guides, making the words of of how we deal with your data even easier to understand than other services.

No Tricks.

Twisea believes in an internet that's not run by megacorporations that make half of their revenue on selling your data. Connect is completely different. Connect keeps every bit and byte of your data secure in a database, not to be read by anyone but the developers and yourself. We don't make you waive your legal rights in a ToS or try to trick you into letting us sell your data. What you see is what you get.

Fantastic Community.

Connect also has a great community full of welcoming people and developers. Something you don't understand? Give our support serverFavicon for a visit, your issue will be resolved in no time. We care about our community, and we intent to keep it that way. Forever.

Imagine Censorship.

Now, don't imagine it anymore. That's Connect. A social media app free of censorship forever. The only posts we tend to take down are ones containing illegal activity, and for obvious reasons, too. So go ahead, post your true opinions, thoughts, and facts. Have a heated or calm discussion in the comments section. Censorship is wrong, and we took it upon ourselves to make an app without it. You can thank us later.

Developers That Care.

Our developers spend hours of their days, weeks, and months making sure your experience with Connect is top tier. Our developers don't care about the money, they care about the goal: a truly free internet. And, of course, a fantastic user interface and experience with our platform.

Privacy is a Top Priority.

Our developers have sworn never to steal, sell, distribute, or do any of that nonsense with your data. It stays with us. No matter what. And if our developers break this rule, we'll break their necks.

What's Not to Like?

After everything said here now, about privacy, a good community, no censorship, what isn't to like about Connect? You can invite it to your Discord server hereFavicon for, and vote for it on hereFavicon for We hope you enjoy our app, as we will certainly enjoy your company!






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