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꒰₊˚ ଘ  Iris ₊˚・✦ avatar

꒰₊˚ ଘ Iris ₊˚・✦


Introducing Iris, your all-in-one English bot companion, designed with a charming soft pink anime aesthetic that's sure to capture your heart! Whether you're seeking moderation tools, fun diversions, economic insights, anime recommendations, gaming assistance, or a hearty dose of memes, Iris has got you covered.

Picture this: a sleek interface adorned with delightful anime-inspired elements, exuding a sense of whimsy and charm. That's the visual treat Iris brings to the table, making every interaction with her a delightful experience.

But Iris isn't just about looks; she's packed with functionality too! With a repertoire of over 70 commands at your disposal, there's hardly a task Iris can't handle. And the best part? She's constantly evolving, with regular updates rolling out like clockwork each month, ensuring that you're always equipped with the latest features and improvements.

One of Iris's standout features is her adorable and original command layouts. Say goodbye to bland, uninspired interfaces; Iris injects personality and flair into every command, making even the most routine tasks a joy to perform. Whether you're checking the weather, setting reminders, or simply engaging in some light banter, Iris's charming layouts add a touch of whimsy to every interaction.






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