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••• Hyogo •••

Hyogo is a discord Bot designed to be a all in one Bot, you don't need too many bots to manage your discord server anymore! it also features a security mode made by our team called `SAFE MODE` witch obviously keeps your discord server safe from evil enemies xD


Here is a list of Hyogo Bot commands, This list last updates on 5/11/2022.

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Command: The name of the command.

Usage: The arguments/options that the command takes in parameters.

Description: A brief explanation of the purpose of the command.

••• Commands •••

ownership commands

Safe Mode/safe_mode on / offto enable the bot Safe Mode for your server
white role /white_role 'role mention'to select a white role for your server

Moderator commands

language /languageto set the bot interface language in your server
role_menu /role_menu [description] [placeholder]to create a self role menu in your server
set_prefix /set_prefix [custom prefix]to a set custom prefix for your server
set_ticket/set_ticket 'role mention' 'ticket description'to set a ticket system for your server.
add_member/add_member [member mention]to add a member in the channel.
remove_member/remove_member [member mention]to remove a member from the channel.
remove_ticket/remove_ticketto remove the current bot ticket system from your server.
kick/kick [member mention]to kick the specified member with the specified reason
ban/ban [member mention]to ban the specified member with the specified reason
unban/unban member#2999to unban the specified member
clear/clear [number]to clear the specified number of messages from the channel
timeout/timeout [member mention] [time] [reason]to timeout the specified member until the specified time ends with the specified reason
untimeout/untimeout [member mention]to untimeout the specified member in the server
cdelete/cdeleteto delete the channel you used the command in
name/name [member mention]to change the specified member's name to the specified name
arole/arole [member mention] [role mention]to give the specified role to the specified member
rrole/rrole [member mention] [role mention] to take the specified role from the specified member
say/sayto send the specified message by the bot in the channel
autorole/autorole [Role Mention]To set a default role for new members with the specified role
welcome/welcome [url]To display a Welcome message In The channel Where the command used in When a New Member Joins with The specified Image Url And Welcome message
bye/bye [url]To display a goodbye message In The channel Where the command used in When a Member leaves with The specified Image Url And goodbye message
lock/lockto take send message permission from @everyone in the current channel
unlock/unlockto give sen message permission to @everyone in current channel./td>
command_channel/command_channel [channel mention]to set the command channel where members can use the bot's commands./td>

Cool commands

datetime/datetimeto display the current date
avatar/avatar [member mention]Used to display the specified Member Avatar
random/randomto make the bot randomly choose one of the specified items
random_r/random_r [role mention]to make the bot randomly choose one of the members who have the specified role
random_m/random_mto make the bot randomly choose one of your server members
info/info [member]to see the specified member info
tv/tvWhen you and your friends click Start TV you will be able browse youtube togather through discord at the same time!
game/gameWhen you choose a game for example poker and you click Play game you will enter the game and your friends can join you from the voice channel and have fun!
anime_image/anime_image [category] [search_artist]the category and the search parameters are optional, you can see random images by not sepecifing any category or search query
anime_gif/anime_gif [category] [search_anime]the category and the search parameters are optional, you can see random gifs by not specifing any category or search query
advice/adviceYou can get some more knowledge by this command's advice NOTE: it won't work unless you listen !

Music commands

Play/play [music name]to play the specified music in the current voice channel
Search/search [music name] to search the specified music and choosing one music from the results to play in the current voice channel
Playing /playing to display the current playing music information
Pause/pause to pause the current playing music
Resume/resume to resume the current playing music
Seek/seek [time] to seek for a specified time in the current playing music
Restart /restart to restart the current playing music
Volume /volume [percentage] to change the player volume max volume is 300%
Skip/skipto skip the current playing music
Previous /previous to play the previous music that been played
loop/loop [option] to toggle the loop on the current playing track, Use queue option to loop the current queue.
Queue/queue to display the tracks waiting in the queue
Shuffle/shuffle to shuffle the tracks waiting in the queue
Skipto /skipto [position] to skip to a specific position in the queue
Lyrics /lyrics [music name] to display the current music or the searched music lyrics
Filter /filter [option] to change the filter of the music, options : flat | metal | piano | boost
Speed /speed [speed] [pitch] to adjust the player's speed and pitch
Vibrate /vibrate [frequency] to adjust the player's vibration frequency
Join /join to make the bot to join the voice channel
disconnect /disconnect to make the bot to disconnect from the voice channel





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