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A bot with which you can spend your time with fun With minimal setup time And even to increase the activity of your server

The first reason is that your server needs activity, and to attract activity, you usually have to use entertainment, and Bot County can do this for you in the fastest time.

The second reason is that, unlike other bots, the County bot does not need dangerous access and its access is limited only to the bot's functionality

The third reason is that Bot County is under the supervision and development of the wabbit team, and it does its job perfectly and provides many weekly updates to add bot features and make it easier.

~ Bot Commands

/setup Deploy bot on your server

/settings mpt How many messages needs send to bot pining the message

/settings lur The last person to send a number gets a role

/check Check the server number count

Did you see? Prepare your server for entertainment with just a few simple commands And our bot gets the least access from your server