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PromoBot is discord bot oriented to help smaller communities grow. It splits all servers in categories, and promotes your server where users will find it most relevant!

Now, here is how to setup the bot

1 - How to use this bot?:

  • First, use "Invite bot" button to add the bot to your server
  • Then, use command /setup to set it up on your server. Bot will walk you through all the necessary steps. Currently the steps are:
  1. Self promotion channel where bot will send promo messages from other servers
  2. Promotion message that you would like to be advertised on other servers
  3. Invite to this server
  4. Category of your server (options included, currently you are allowed to choose only 1)
  • When you have done the setup, you are ready to go! Now, when you would like to promote your server, you can use /promo command. It will send the promotion message (provided in the setup command) in all servers with the same category.

2 - How to change fields entered in setup command?:

  • /channel - changes self promo channel of your server
  • /message - changes promo message of your server
  • /category - change category of your server
  • /invite - change discord invite of your promotion Note: all these commands require MANAGE_CHANNELS and MANAGE_MESSAGES permissions to ensure that a trusted server member modifies this info

3 - How can I report a server's promo message? Use /report [server id] command to report the server. We will manually review this server and, if necessary, ban this server (means this server will not be able to promote itself anymore)

Pro tip: below every promo message you can see server ID. Copy it and use it in the report command

Additional helper commands:

  • /categories - list of all valid categories, list may change with time as bot grows
  • /info - some more info on the bot
  • /thisserver - see info about current server: ID, message, time until next promotion, promo channel, discord invite used to promote this server
  • /permissions - outputs what permissions does PromoBot require and why (similar to the paragraph below)
  • /addme - sends link of PromoBot to add the bot to other servers
  • /vote - sends the same link of PromoBot to vote for the bot

PromoBot permissions:

  • View channels and read messages - obviously bot needs it to see your commands
  • Send messages - bot needs to give you feedback on your actions
  • Embed links - plain text looks basic and boring. Embeds bring the bot to life!
  • Manage guild - To ensure quality promotion in the future, PromoBot now checks if invite of your server is not invalid or expired, and if this invite belongs to your server. To allow this feature to work, PromoBot requires 'Manage server' permission to have access to server's invites. PromoBot by any means WILL NOT change server name or icon, edit server region, or any other server property. If PromoBot fails to access invites (doesn't have the 'Manage server' permission), PromoBot will fail to promote your server. This change is made to ensure high-quality and high-efficiency promotion aswell as save your priceless time to both not check regularly if invite is valid and to not promote with invalid invite.
  • Create instant invite - used in /setup command to create an invite to this server if you don't want to create one manually