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Suzuka avatar



Suzuka is a fun, roleplay and moderation discord bot designed in Anime style with full of cuteness!!!

Suzuka has a Marriage System, where you can-

  • Propose, Accept, Date and Compete!

  • Date your partner to Increase Affection!

  • Compete with all other couples globally!

  • Get the weekly best couple rank!

Suzuka Date ranking system have power to bring a couple close together!

Suzuka has a Harem system, where you can-

  • Send Harem join request!
  • Accept Harem request!
  • Make someone your waifu or be someone's waifu!
  • Be the Harem king or Best waifu of the month! Suzuka Date ranking system have power to bring a couple close together!

Suzuka Has a lot of useful commands like-

  • AnimeQuotes with image, Website SS, Math, Imageboard, Wikipedia, Name meaning and a lot more!
  • A Profile that supports social media and a lot more!
  • Customizable welcomer with default preset included. With or without embed, we support both!
  • Anime, Anime characters information, A pfp command that shows your avatar but with color information!
  • Tons of useful commands like color poll userinfo serverinfo and our most advanced Purge command that can do a lot more than you think!

Suzuka has a lot of fun commands, like-

  • Hug
  • Kiss
  • Pat
  • Match (Matching love Between two users)

A lot of commands like slap gn gm cry ty yw cuddle and so on!

Suzuka have 150+ useful commands!! For the full command list run )cmd or )commands!



Prefix) [Customizable]



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