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Minecraft SMP Bot



Look at the Minecraft server stats, advancements and inventories of any member: When you killed the ender dragon, how many raids you have won or even how long your friend played on the server, this bot can show it all. Also supports two-way chat with Minecraft. Additionally, you can disable specific stats, advancements or commands.


To use most of the commands you’ll have to connect your Minecraft java edition server with the bot. There are two methods to connect:

  • Plugin
    • Download the plugin using this linkFavicon for
    • Put the plugin on your Minecraft server (must support plugins)
    • Restart your Minecraft server or execute /reload confirm on your Minecraft server
    • Execute /connect plugin YOUR.SERVER.IP in Discord
    • Follow the instructions sent in DM
    • After connecting you can also execute /chatchannel CHANNEL in Discord if you want to connect the minecraft chat with Discord
  • FTP (doesn't support minecraft chat)
    • Get the ftp credentials on your Minecraft server’s dashboard. Not all server hosts support ftp, join the Support ServerFavicon for if you need help getting the credentials
    • Execute /connect ftp in Discord and enter your credentials


  • /help: Detailed description and usage of every command!
  • /stats: Look up minecraft stats of any member.
  • /advancements: Look up minecraft advancements of any member.
  • /connect account: Connect your Discord Account with your Minecraft Account.
  • /connect plugin OR /connect ftp: Connect your Minecraft Server with the bot.
  • /chatchannel: Set a channel in which the bot will send the minecraft chat (only for plugin).
  • /loadingscreen: Create a minecraft loading screen for resourcepacks.
  • /disable: Disable specific commands, advancements, or stats.
  • /inventory: Look in the inventory of any member.
  • /ban: Ban a player directly from the minecraft-server.


  • Unfortunately, Aternos and Minehut servers are not currently supported as they do not have ftp or additional ports for plugins.
  • If you receive the error: Address already in use in the server console follow the instructions below.
  • If you receive the error: Plugin does not respond although your server is online, follow the next steps:
    • Register or port forward an additional port (if supported from your server host)
    • Enter that port in the plugin’s config.yml.
    • Execute reload confirm in your server console
    • Execute /connect plugin YOUR.SERVER.IP config_port in Discord and make sure to specify the correct port from the config.yml
  • More help => Support ServerFavicon for

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