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Rollabout is a simple, but powerful Discord bot for online tabletop gaming sessions. It has a small number of available options, but each of them is really great!

Available Slash Commands

CommandDescriptionUsage examples
/roll [expression:String]Evaluates any dice roll/math expression you want./roll, /roll 1d20+5, /roll 5+3
/flip [count:Integer]Flips a coin, simple as that./flip, /flip 15
/tracker (create [private:Boolean] [force:Boolean] | get | delete [force:Boolean])Manages turn trackers./tracker create, /tracker get, /tracker delete

Dice Engine

Command with optionsDescription
/rollRolls a d20 die.
/roll 1d20+5Rolls a d20 die and adds 5 to the result.
/roll 4dF+1Rolls four Fate (Fudge) dice and adds 1 to the result.
/roll 5+3Evaluates 5+3 expression.

Rollabout's dice engine is a reimplementation of Roll20's engine with some minor adjustments, so if you're already familiar with Roll20 -- this will be a very easy ride for you. Stil, if you don't know what Roll20 is, or you aren't familiar with its dice engine, you can use this pageFavicon for for reference. Rollabout is nearly 90% compatible with Roll20, you can even try some examples from the Dice Reference page on Rollabout -- they'll likely work without a hinch.

After you've executed /roll command, you will see two buttons in chat: Roll again! and Keep it. The former will allow you to evaluate the same roll again and append new result to message. The latter will just save your existing roll result and remove all buttons from message. This will also happen if you don't press any button for 1 minute after message was sent/edited.

Turn Tracker

Command with optionsDescription
/tracker createCreates a turn tracker.
/tracker create private:TrueCreates a private turn tracker that is invisible for other users.
/tracker create force:TrueCreates a turn tracker without confirmation, if another turn tracker exists.
/tracker getGets previously created turn tracker.
/tracker deleteDeletes previously created turn tracker.
/tracker delete force:TrueDeletes previously created turn tracker without confirmation.

One user can have only one publicly visible turn tracker in a text channel, and an unlimited number of private trackers. Publicly visible trackers will be hidden from channel after one hour of inactivity. Private trackers will be deleted on the same conditions.

After you've created a turn tracker, you can manage its turns with buttons that will appear in chat: Add Turn, Edit Turn, Remove Turns, Start, Next Turn, and Stop. All buttons are pretty self-explanatory, so you're welcome to try them by yourself.






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