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🍟 invite / use in your server

invite link can be found at: invite.nypsi.xyzFavicon for

📔 documentation

the documentation can be found at docs.nypsi.xyzFavicon for

🌴 support

join the support server: for or add me max#0777

🌵 features

better showcase of features can be found on the bot's website: nypsi.xyzFavicon for

💬 mentions

  • nypsi tracks mentions / pings across qualifying servers, preventing your users from being irritated by ghost pings, as well as putting all of their recent mentions into a simple, easy access command

📖 wordle

  • you can play wordle on discord, with nypsi. no limit to how much you play per day

💸 gambling / economy

  • nypsi has a seasonal economy system, meaning that the economy resets every few months. this also means that the top 5 richest users on the bot at the end of every season receive real life rewards, such as paypal money or equivalent

🛠 moderation

  • every ban, kick, mute, warn, unban and unmute that is ran through nypsi is logged and saved and can be accessed with the $history and $case commands. with all of these commands you are also able to punish multiple people in the same command. use $help mod to view all of the moderation commands available. you are also able to moderate the $snipe / $esnipe command by including a filter with $sf

📊 server stats

  • nypsi tracks every server's member peaks, this information can be viewed with $server
  • nypsi is also able to create a member counter for your server, similar to other bots but allows you to customise it for free - $counter

🎅 christmas countdown

  • 24/7 running christmas countdown, updates daily
  • sends a message to a specified channel once everyday with a customisable message

🎮 fun commands

  • there are a lot of fun commands available for use, including $reddit which allows you to grab a random image from any subreddit, as well as $ddos which will generate a fake ip address
  • very simple method of creating small/large polls with the $poll command

🏆 guilds

  • nypsi has a guild feature similar to hypixel's where you can create a guild, invite friends and grow it together.
  • guild upgrades will allow guild members to receive global perks on nypsi (such as xp, multipliers, etc)
  • grow your guild and level up to become the top and receive awesome perks

🖼 screenshots

  • $wordle

wordle game

  • $streetrace

steetrace game

  • $blackjack

blackjack game

  • $skin

skin command

  • $join

join command

  • $history

history command

  • $case

case command






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