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Get an all-in-one Security package for your Discord server at ~zero cost and highest efficiency.

Protecting more than 190,000 Discord servers and still trying to protect more, Security is a fully functional bot that has all the features to protect a Discord server from nuking and raiding, with different types of verification say no to bot accounts, force them to click a button and complete a fully customizable yet undetectable captcha, with anti nuke features stop anyone from abusing permissions, punish and log them into the logging channels, get another advantage over bot accounts with the fully customizable anti raid algorithm, and use Security's moderation commands which are sensitive and limitable.


Security provides three different types of verification that can stop bot accounts from accessing your server and trying to harm it, Security gives unverified role to the new users and they should complete the verification steps in order to get rid of the role, you can freely choose between verification types.

Verification Types

  • Web Captcha (HCaptcha)
  • Captcha Code
  • One-Click Verification

Captcha Code Features

  • Timeout
  • Switchable Code Length (4-8)
  • Customizable Color
  • Drawn Lines Behind Letters (0-3)
  • Case Sensitivity on/off
  • Numbers on/off

Anti Raid

Protect your server from raiders, configure the score based anti raid system and punish raiders and alt accounts in matter of seconds, set how raiders should be punished, configure who should bypass, customize the scores to work the best, set durations and set whether your channels should be locked or not.

How does Anti Raid work?

Anti Raid works with scores, your server basically has a score number which will reset every X minutes, so when a user joins your server Security will start checking the user and depends on the settings it highers up the current score and when the server score reaches the limit you have set, Anti Raid will be activated and starts to punish the raiders as well as locking your server channels.

Who should use Anti Raid?

Anti Raid is designed to work in medium to large servers without being slow, it can even stop thousands of raiders in matter of seconds for free.

What factors does Anti Raid check?

  1. Account Age
  2. Profile Picture
  3. Time between the last two joins

Anti Nuke

Security bot's anti nuke system limits the usage of dangerous actions in your server, reaching the limits will result in a punishment, you can set different punishment types for different actions and whenever something weird happens the bot will notify the owner and logs it into the log channels.

What actions does Security considers as dangerous?

  • Adding Bots
  • Banning Members
  • Kicking Members
  • Giving Dangerous Roles
  • Updating Dangerous Roles
  • Deleting Channels
  • Creating Channels
  • Deleting Roles
  • Creating Roles
  • Changing Vanity Code
  • Creating Webhooks
  • Mentioning @everyone & @here

What are punishments?

Security punishes users when they reach the allowed limit of doing an action

Punishment Types

  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Clearing Roles


Security allows you to whitelist trusted users and allow them to bypass the limits.

Things You Can Whitelist

  • Role
  • User
  • Channel

Server Scan

Security has a `/scan` command which takes a deep look into your server and tells you what should be fixed.

The Command Checks:

  • Anti Nuke Settings
  • Anti Raid Settings
  • Verification Settings
  • Roles with Administrator permission
  • Not-Punishable Roles
  • Dangerous Bot Roles


Security has an independent moderation system that doesn't only work based on Discord permissions, users can have ~zero Discord permissions and still do moderation, moderation commands are limitable and anti nuke limits will be applied on them, users cannot abuse it and it is considered as the safest way of moderating, you can give each individual user its own permissions.


  • /Ban
  • /Softban
  • /Unban
  • /Kick
  • /Mute
  • /Unmute
  • /Clear
  • /Lock
  • /Unlock
  • /Lockall
  • /Unlockall


Log and monitor all the actions, know what happened, when it happened and who made it happen, log your mod actions and those who tried to nuke and raid your server which had resulted in a failure for sure.

Log Types

  • Moderation Logs
    • Command usages
  • Security Logs
    • Anti nuke actions
    • Anti raid actions

Web Dashboard

You can customize all the settings using Security's web dashboard.

Things you can do using the dashboard:

  • Verifying yourself in your unverified servers.
  • Managing your custom bots.
  • Managing your premium servers.
  • Updating Anti Nuke settings.
  • Customizing Anti Raid settings.
  • Setting up verification and customizing captcha settings.
  • Giving and taking permissions.
  • Adding log channels.
  • Whitelisting users, roles and channels.
  • and more.

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  • Paid features
  • Documentation
  • Interactive buttons