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Music Features

  • Excelent support for Stage Channels.
  • Play from Spotify, Deezer, Attachments, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, iHeart and more.
  • More than 30k radio stations.
  • Create your own collection- and more...


/bound resetReset the bound channel for music commands.
/bound set (channel)Bound a text channel so that it is the only one in which music commands can be used.
/bound showShow what is the current channel bound for music commands.
/cleanup [user]Remove the songs from the members who are no longer on the voice channel or the members you specify.
/clearqueueEmpty the playback queue but do not stop the playback.
/collection emptyDelete all songs from the collection.
/collection load [member]Load all the songs in your collection into the queue.
/collection remove (track)Delete a song from your collection.
/collection show [page]Show the songs that you have saved in your collection.
/debugUseful for debugging.
/dj resetReset the DJ role (This will make the music commands usable by any user within the voice channel).
/dj set (role)Select a role to be the DJ role on your Guild.
/dj showShows the current dj role.
/epoch [entity]Calculate the creation date of a Discord entity.
/exportExport the current play queue.
/filters bassboost [level]Bass Boost filter
/fixTry to fix the lag produced by Discord voice channel regions.
/forward (seconds)Fast forward as long as you want on the current song.
/helpShows useful information on how to use the bot.
/ignored-channels add (channel)Add a text channel to the list.
/ignored-channels listList the current ignored text channels.
/ignored-channels remove (channel)Remove a text channel from the list.
/inviteGenerate an invitation link for Huge.
/joinInvite HUGE to your voice channel.
/langGet information about the locale what is using HUGE and why.
/leaveMake the bot leave your voice channel.
/loop (mode)Select the loop mode of the player.
/lyrics (query)Get the lyrics from a song.
/meme (subreddit)Just Reddit memes.
/move (from) (to)Moves a song from its position in the queue.
/mvc disableDisable the MVC module
/mvc infoShow the current configuration of the MVC module
/mvc setup (category)Initialize and setup the MVC module
/next [track]Jump to a song you want from the queue.
/pausePause the music playback.
/pingCheck current Discord ping.
/play (query)Add songs/playlists to the queue.
/playfile (file)Play a Discord Attachment.
/playnow (query)Play the song you want right now.
/queue [page]Shows the current status of the player.
/radio (station)Select a radio station to listen to from our list of stations.
/remove (position)Remove a song from the queue.
/replayReplay the last song played.
/resumeResume the music playback.
/rewind [seconds]Rewind as long as you want on the current song.
/role add (role) (user)Add a role to a user.
/role auto disableDisable the automatic role assignation.
/role auto set (role)Set a role to be added to users when they join the server.
/role remove (role) (user)Remove a role from a user.
/saveSave the song that is currently playing.
/search mixcloud (query)Search on MixCloud.
/search soundcloud (query)Search on SoundCloud.
/search youtube (query)Search on YouTube.
/seek (time)Jump whenever you want from the current song.
/shuffle [toggle]Toggle shuffle mode.
/skipVote to remove the current song from the queue.
/stopStops playback but does not remove songs from the play queue.
/timeout (user) [minutes] [reason]Timeout a member from the server.
/twitch clips random (channel)Show a random clip from a Twitch channel.
/twitch clips top (channel)Show the best clip from a Twitch channel.
/twitch summary (channel)Last 30 days summary of a Twitch channel.
/volume [volume]Manage player volume.
/voteVote for Huge





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