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To run a command in Chúng Tôi Đơn Giản Là Wibu | [WBW] - We Bare Wibu, use ac. command or

@Anime-chan#5980 command. For example, ac. prefix or @Anime-chan#5980 prefix.

To run a command in this DM, simply use command with no prefix.

Use help to view detailed information about a specific command.

Use help all to view a list of all commands, not just available ones.

Available commands in Chúng Tôi Đơn Giản Là Wibu | [WBW] - We Bare Wibu


avatar: Sends the avatar of a user.

bug: Found a bug?

cat: Summons a pretty cat

doggo: Summons a good boi

eightball: Ask a question to the MAGIC eightball. It will answer.

embedexchange: Change text to embed

info: Displays bot info.

invite: Displays bot invite link.

pat: Pat someone on the head.

ridea: Creates a random idea.

ratcliff: fun command

roast: Roast (fun GIF)

roll: Rolls a die (1 --> 6)

sad: when you sad, you can use this command

serverinfo: This is serverinfo.

ship: Ships two members

smug: Sends a smug face from an online database. Spooky!

totalcount: How many server and user use my bot.

userinfo: Lists out basic information about the mentioned user

who: Ship two random people in server (fun)


dm: Sends a message to the user you mention. - THIS COMMAND WILL BE DELETED LATER

dmall: Sends message provided to all members of the guild.

nickname: Quick change nickname for user

purge: Delete the last messages in all chats.

rolecolor: Changes the role color of the role you choose.


poll: Hold simple polls like the ones held by SimplePoll


codestat: Show code stats

helponchat: Help command on chat.

sponsor: Show sponsor information


weather: Get weather for a location


anime: Shows an anime.

character: Shows a character.

manga: Shows a manga.

myanimelist: Searches anime in AniList database

myanimelist2: Searches anime from myanimelist


help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.

prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.

ping: Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.



Prefixac. or <@Anime-chan#5980>