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Say hello to Taka, an experienced bot in any and all fields. Once it's in your server, you'll wonder how your once dull and boring community even survived. You don't know it yet, but you definitely need Taka.

I get it. You want a bot and you want one fast. However, if reading the details is more your thing then it's your lucky day. Have a look at everything you're missing out on without Taka with this non-exhaustive list:

  • People are starting to forget that Covid exists. Use /help coronavirus and be thankful that you have survived long enough to find this bot
  • Customisable prefixes, welcome channels, rule channels and level-up channels
  • Games like an anime opening quiz in voice chat, hangman, word games and Genshin Impact data
  • Levels, leaderboard and customisable rank cards, with the ability to choose channels/users/roles that don't gain XP, as well as import from MEE6, and assign roles for reaching level milestones for free
  • Moderation commands such as kicking and banning, plus more versatile timeouts than DIscord usually allows
  • Word filter and blocklist
  • An extensive logging system which logs all joins, leaves, message edits and deletes, kicks, mutes and bans
  • Self roles
  • Auto roles
  • Button roles
  • Whoa that's a lotta roles
  • Forgetful? Forget no more with Taka's easy-to-use reminder features
  • Give things away to your community with our giveaway system
  • An extremely powerful and extensive Tag system allowing you to save custom messages, files, and more, recall them at any time, and track their usage
  • FInd out everything you'd want to know with server info and user info commands
  • Music with the ability to play songs from a bunch of sources (including Spotify) as well as creating customised playlists unique to each user
  • Save your favourite messages, memes and more with the Starboard
  • Translate text, messages, song lyrics and more to and from many languages
  • The help command has almost 20 pages. There isn't really much that Taka doesn't do

You're still here? You must have really enjoyed that list. In that case, you'll definitely enjoy actually using the features in said list. Stop delaying - your server isn't going to revive itself.

Need help? Just head to https://support.taka.moeFavicon for



Prefix/, t!, T!



  • Paid features
  • Interactive buttons
  • Prefix
  • Commands