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Martine comes with various features for you and your server, such as:

LevelingGiveawaysGames Stats
Increase your members engagment with an advanced leveling system, including many settings from exp, to channels/roles ignore, or roles rewardsHost community giveaways with a simple prompt that will walk you through setting up your giveaway, with configurable defaults, and reroll functionGet your stats and more informations from multiple games, including League of Legends, Rocket League, Osu, Fortnite and Minecraft!
Tons of nsfw categories to view images with a simple command, send images to anyone who consents to receive, or send images automatically to any nsfw channelRandom images of anything, from cats and ducks, to memes and nekos, to wallpapers and art, and any search from Imgur, Giphy or any subredditA global economy, detailed weather and forecasts for any location, and users interaction commands such as hug, pat, or ship
Welcoming MembersAlertsModeration
Say welcome (or goodbye) to your members with an rendered image (or just a simple message) using the imgwelcome and welcomeset commandsNotify when a Twitch, Kick or YouTube stream is going live, by using the alerts commandModeration tools to help you and your moderators with kick, ban and mute commands, as well as extensive logging options
Martine is available in many languages, try the /language command in your server to see the available languages

Don't have Martine in your server yet?
Invite her and get started with ,help command or type / to see all slash commands!

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