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Moderate your server with ease!

The built-in infraction system of MoonlightBot allows moderators to quickly check a user's misbehavior history.

Temporary roles!

Give someone a role and schedule when it will be removed, comes in several flavors:

  • By manual command attivation
  • By selfrole
  • By reaction roles
  • When a new users joins your server

Highly granular!

Moderate on a case by case basis with a lot of options for each moderation command.

Many utility commands!

Quickly bring up information about an user, your server, clean up a channel with accurate filters... And much much more with ease to use.

Fast support

MoonlightBot is undergoing active development. Join your support server for help and you're guaranteed a reply in very short times.

Support our work!

Born with the intention to offer an alternative to big corporate bots, MoonlightBot is artisan work and committed to quickly respond to bug reports and look at new feature requests. We do not sell your data or do any shady business to earn money, so if you'd like to help cover hosting costs, please consider getting a premium subscription on our Patreon!






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