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Drift Red


Drift Red is your go-to premium music bot designed to enhance your Discord server's audio experience. With a rich set of commands, Drift Red offers seamless music playback, advanced audio filters, and intuitive controls, making it the perfect companion for any music enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Audio: Experience superior sound quality with advanced audio filters and seamless playback.
  • Easy-to-Use Commands: Comprehensive and user-friendly commands ensure you have complete control over your music experience.
  • Queue Management: Efficiently manage your queue with commands to clear, shuffle, and display the current queue.



  • /help - Displays a list of available commands or detailed info about a specific command.
  • /ping - Check the bot's latency to the Discord API and WebSocket.


  • /clear - Clears the queue.
  • /filter - Apply audio filters to the player.
  • /forward - Seeks 15s in the track.
  • /join - Joins a voice channel.
  • /leave - Leaves the voice channel.
  • /loop - Loops the current track or queue.
  • /nowplaying - Shows the current playing track.
  • /pause - Pauses the current track.
  • /play - Plays a track.
  • /previous - Plays the previous track.
  • /queue - Displays the current queue.
  • /remove - Removes a track from the queue.
  • /replay - Replays the current track.
  • /resume - Resumes the current track.
  • /rewind - Rewinds 15s back in the track.
  • /seek - Seeks timestamp in the track.
  • /shuffle - Shuffles the queue.
  • /skip - Skips the current track.
  • /stop - Stops the player.
  • /volume - Set the volume of the player.

Why Choose Drift Red?

Drift Red stands out with its premium features and robust functionality, ensuring an unparalleled music experience on your Discord server. Whether you want to chill with some background music or host a virtual party, Drift Red has got you covered.

Join thousands of users who trust Drift Red for their music needs. Invite Drift Red to your server today and elevate your Discord music experience!






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