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Give your online & active moderators a separate role that can be pinged to respond to user reports as fast as possible. Patrol automatically gives the active role to moderators who are online/idle, and removes it when dnd/offline! Safely remove mentioning from your normal moderator role so you don't wake up every day to 50 pings with the security of knowing your online moderators are still able to get those pings just as easily.

To set up Patrol, you only need to use two commands. Firstly, use "/set watch" to set the normal moderator role to watch for activity on. Any user with that role will be given the active role while online. Secondly, use "/set active" to set the role to give online moderators. Finally, you can go into your role settings to remove pings from your normal moderator role, and enable them on the active role. Also make sure to give Patrol a role that's higher than the active role to make sure it's able to give your moderators the role!

For example: Every member of your server staff have the "Support" role, but only those online be automatically given "Support [Active]". Now, any server member can ping "@Support [Active]" to receive quick attention, but any staff who are asleep or busy don't need to return to those pings!

For the nerds out there, feel free to self-host! Source code is available here: for