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Camille Discord Bot

Camille is your indispensable Discord companion, equipped with a range of powerful features to streamline server management.

Moderation Made Easy

  • /ban: Easily ban troublesome members.
  • /kick: Swiftly remove unwanted users from your server.
  • /warn: Issue warnings to maintain a respectful community.
  • /clear: Keep your server tidy by purging messages.

Smart Filtering System

Camille's filtering system is intuitive and flexible. You can manage filtered words effortlessly using the /filter command, ensuring a friendly and safe environment for your community.

Comprehensive Logging

Camille's logging system empowers administrators to set up detailed event tracking in a specific text channel. Keep an eye on actions such as message deletions, edits, and clears, along with user warnings, bans, and kicks, all in real-time. This feature promotes transparency and accountability.

Infraction Tracking

Use the /infractions command to monitor and display the number of rule violations a specific user has committed since joining your Discord guild. Maintain a fair and just server environment with ease.

Warm Welcome Messages

Camille offers a customizable welcome message system. Choose to send welcome messages directly to new members' DMs or in a specified channel, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for newcomers.

In summary, Camille is your all-in-one Discord bot solution, providing moderation, filtering, logging, infraction tracking, and welcome message features to enhance your server management experience.