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Introducing Serenity, an advanced bot designed as a versatile solution for Discord servers. Its main purpose is to safeguard your server by preventing potential raids and protecting members from harmful activities. Serenity offers a plethora of features that cater to both server administrators and members, making it an indispensable tool.

Equipped with information commands, Serenity grants users quick access to valuable data such as server statistics and member information. Additionally, it provides utility commands to streamline server management, along with a comprehensive set of moderation commands for easy server administration. Serenity's economy system enables users to earn and spend virtual currency, fostering engagement and interaction among server members.

At Serenity, we embrace the motto "Never judge a book by its cover," as we believe in allowing users to experience the full potential of our bot before forming any opinions. We encourage users to explore Serenity's diverse features and capabilities to truly appreciate its offerings.

To begin your journey with Serenity, we recommend granting the bot the following permissions:

Needed permissions (Recommended): for

Alternatively, you have the option to grant the bot all permissions, although this is not recommended:

All permissions (Not recommended): for

For any questions or concerns regarding the bot, we invite you to join our support server:

Support server: for

In conclusion, Serenity stands as a comprehensive bot, elevating the Discord server experience through its array of features. We extend an invitation to you to try out Serenity and experience its benefits firsthand.



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