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@wamellowFavicon for is still in early development, but it aims to get a free, extensive customization as we go along in development!

All the features are free, even those without (free), just as a reminder.

👀 Features

  • Custom welcomer (8+ options)
  • Custom byer (4+ options)
  • Starboard (10+ options)
  • Captcha verification (open previewFavicon for
  • Rank cards (Custom background & colors)
  • Text to Speech, Chat to Speech, TTS (40+ custom voices, 8+ languages, watch tutorialFavicon for
  • Message, Voice, Invite tracking
  • Image and Web leaderboards (open previewFavicon for
  • Ai image generation (free, including nsfw, view all modelsFavicon for
  • Anime command (free, including nsfw)
  • NSFW image moderation (free)
  • Custom commands aka tags
  • Dashboard ( for

🔊 Text to Speech

It's crucial for people with speech impairments. It ensures inclusivity and allows everyone to participate fully, promoting accessibility and community engagement. ❤️

You can either generate files using /tts file, talk in voice chats with /tts voice or setup a dedicated channelFavicon for! Great for people with aphonia, dysphonia, or other speech impairments. (like me)

Supporting English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian and Japanese, Korean.

tts example

❤️ Free /image AI

Summon the enchantment of AI-generated images to your Discord server with our versatile /image command, featuring over 40 distinct custom models. Elevate your server to a haven for unique and dynamic AI-generated images, ensuring a delightful experience for all enthusiasts of the digital arts.

Like if you want to - for example - generate a anime girl with some properties, you can use: /image query: anime girl, purple hairs, small, close up, night, boolm

ai examples






  • Dashboard
  • Paid features
  • Interactive buttons
  • Language
  • Commands