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Eternal Slave


Explore a world of kinky fun on Discord with Eternal Slave. With many features, you can be sure to put your subs in their place.

We offer an amazing customisable profile system, allowing you to show off your kinks, have a custom bio and more. You can manage who can impair or restrict you by adding up to 8 trusted users, and having up to 3 owners to live the kinky life of your dreams on Discord.

Find new BDSM servers to hang out in, and meet new people with ES Discovery, use /discovery to get started. ‎ Here is a quick list of our most popular features: ‎‎

  • Gags: With many gag types, from UwUify to animal gags and no vowels, you can alter your subs speech to get a good laugh.

  • Mute: Don't want to hear from your sub any more? Mute them and of their messages will be automatically deleted, peace and quiet.

  • Binds: Don't want your sub to talk in a channel? Bind them to another channel, so they can only talk there, and can't see whats going on anywhere else.

  • Brands: Want to make your subs profile more you? Put some text on the top and bottom of their profile so everyone knows who they belong to.

  • Confessions: An extensive confessions system, with support for many channels, blacklisted users, and confession logs to make sure members are following the rules.

  • Restrictions: With plenty of restrictions ranging from feature restrictions to speech and content restrictions, you can control your subs access to Discord and ES.

  • Tasks: An feature-rich task tracker, with repeating tasks, and more. You can assign your sub a basic task like some chores, or maybe make them write lines on WriteForMe, right from ES.

  • Roleplay: Give someone special some affection, or just some attention, by using /pat, /hug, /kiss, and many more.

To learn more about Eternal Slave, use /help and select a topic!






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