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Your average counting bot.
Except you can count with Math™!

This counting bot allows arithmetic expressions instead of just numbers. It supports multiple languages, a configurable timeout for losers, toggleable arithmetic and a cheat mode where you can't lose. It also takes care of deleted counts and prevents the same user from counting twice in a row.

Easy to set up (view /admin-help)

  • Set the channel and you're good to go (/set-channel)
  • Optionally, set server language (/set-language) (Default: English)
  • Optionally, disable/enable/force the use of arithmetic (/toggle-arithmetic) (Default: Enabled)
  • Optionally. set a timeout for losers (/set-timeout) (Default: Disabled)
  • Optionally, set a cooldown for new server members (/cooldown) (Default: 60 minutes)
  • Optionally, set a timeout increment factor (/timeout-increment) (Default: Disabled)
  • Optionally, enable cheat mode (/cheat-mode) (Default: Disabled)


  • Set a counting channel via slash commands
  • Count normally (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Count with arithmetic expressions (5^0, sqrt(4), i^2+4, log(10000, 10))
  • Slash commands
  • Arithmetic is toggleable
  • Toggleable Math-Only mode (counting only using arithmetic expressions)
  • Cooldown for new server members
  • Timeout for losers
  • Timeout increment factor for every fail
  • Cheat-Mode (no losing)
  • Admin only commands
  • Prevent persons from counting multiple times in a row
  • Ban and unban users from counting
  • Handle counts deleted by the user
  • /help command to get a list of all commands and useful information
  • /stats command for personal stats or the stats of another user
  • /global-stats command to see how other servers are doing (filter by current and all time best)
  • /best command to see the best count of the server so far
  • /top command for a leaderboard, sortable by counts or fails
  • /calc command to calculate arithmetic expressions (and see if they are a valid count)
  • /info command to get information about the bot and an invite link
  • /math-facts command to get a random math fact
  • /oeis command to look up a sequence on the OEISFavicon for
  • LaTeX Rendering engine /tex
  • Wolfram Alpha integration /ask
  • Code execution engine using /run
  • Multi-language support (Can be set on every Discord server individually)
    • English (Peer reviewed ✅)
    • German (Peer reviewed ✅)
    • French (Peer reviewed ✅)
    • Spanish (Peer reviewed ✅)
    • Russian (Peer reviewed ✅)
    • Japanese (Peer reviewed ✅)

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  • Documentation
  • Interactive buttons
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