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Attractive and fun Discord bot

Your activities are more interesting!

Social commands, fun, animal, meme, anime, and much more!


Invite iReena to your server with the invite button above. We set permissions rights according to the needs of each available command so that all commands can run properly.

  • After iReena has successfully logged in to your server, use the /help command to view all available commands.


There are a variety of commands available, nicely packaged based on Discord user interest research. We recommend to you the most popular commands as follows;

  • /anime (With this command, iReena will provide random anime images which are divided into several image categories such as Neko, Waifu, and others that you can choose from. In the Anime Avatar category, you will be given random anime images from Pinterest which you can use as your avatar profile.)
  • /animal or /facts (Get interesting pictures or facts about animals like cats, dogs, pandas, and many more.)
  • Explore and find other interesting things in each command.

iReena provides all available features/commands for free with no premium content to be unlocked to be able to use it. Just support us by voting iReena so that this bot can be reached easily by other users.

Bug & Support

If you find a bug you can report it via email [email protected]Favicon for or join Support Server for faster help. On the Support Server you can also provide suggestions and feedback on existing or upcoming features. We really appreciate the support you provide :)

Invite now!

Invite iReena to your server now and make your server more interesting and fun! iReena is the best friend for you and your server.







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