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DESCRIPTION: This Discord bot is designed to automatically kick members who are impersonating the server owner in Discord servers. It identifies potential impersonators by comparing their usernames and nicknames with the server owner's information using regular expressions. It also uses Levenshtien algorithm and hamming distance. Made by Sehaj (dxstiny) and Aman (r3sist).

HOW IT WORKS: Impersonator Detection: The bot periodically (every 10 seconds) checks all the guilds (servers) it is a member of for potential owner impersonators. It compares the usernames and nicknames of each member with the server owner's information using regular expressions.

Impersonator Kicking: If a member is identified as an impersonator (not the server owner and matches the impersonation patterns), the bot will kick the impersonator from the server and send a message to a channel named "impersonation-alerts". If the channel doesn't exist, the bot will create it with the necessary permissions.

We are using the Levenshtein distance and the Hamming Distance algorithms to check for the similarities between strings, and profile pictures, respectively.


  1. Invite the Bot: Use the provided URL to invite the bot to your Discord server. Make sure to give access to every permission the bot requires.

  2. Set Up Bot Permissions: After inviting the bot, ensure that the bot has a role with sufficient permissions to kick members. The bot's role should have higher hierarchy than the roles of potential impersonators, meaning most members.

  3. Go to server settings --> roles --> drag the role of the bot "impostersecurity" to the top below admin role.