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A Pokémon Discord bot. Currently open for beta testing! Invite Pokéstar to your server.Favicon for Use /tutorial to get started!

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NOTE: this Bot is in early development and may be buggy. Please report bugs by DMing me or create an issue on GitHub.Favicon for

Why Pokéstar?

Pokéstar focuses on a few key features that sets it apart from other Pokémon Discord bots, making for a fresh, fun experience.


The main focus of Pokéstar is the unique 6v6 battling system. Battles involve all 6 Pokemon on each side battling at once, a new system designed specially for this bot.

The new format makes for fun and exciting teamplay among Pokémon, while keeping or adapting many mechanics from the original Pokémon games to stay true to the original, competitve format.

Right now, only PvP battles are implemented. In the future, we plan to implement more battle formats such as PvE, server raids, and Co-op. Additionally, original Pokemon mechanics such as abilities and held items will be adapted as well. The future for battling in Pokestar is very exciting, so join now and stay tuned!


Pokéstar aims to take advantage of Discord’s inherently social nature by adding social mechanics to the game. Already, functions such as battling and leaderboards exist for this. However, we plan make the bot more social-focused by adding features such as trading, server gifts, and co-op raids.


Pokéstar tries to be a fluid and responsive experience. Components and UI are a core focus of Pokestar to make the bot easy to interact with and fun to use. (NOTE: I am not a UI designer whatsover so this is definitely a WIP)

Convinced? Invite Pokéstar to your server!Favicon for






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