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Akiko - Your All-in-One Discord Bot

Welcome to Akiko, your versatile Discord companion designed to enhance your server experience with a myriad of features. With over 200+ commands, Akiko ensures your Discord adventures are seamless and enjoyable.

Fun: Fun / Game Commands

  • chatchart: Generates a pie chart representing the last 10000 messages in the specified channel.
  • serverchart: Generates a pie chart representing the last 1000 messages from every allowed channel in the server.
  • enlarge: Posts a large .png of an emoji.
  • chatrevive: Revives the chat with some useful topics.
  • coinflip: Flips a coin. Will it be heads or tails?
  • pp: See how much someone is packing. 😳
  • pressf: Pay respects by pressing F.
  • rate: Rates what you want.
  • hotcalc: Returns a random percentage indicating how hot a Discord user is.
  • howgay: Tells you how gay a user is. LOL.
  • sus: Tells you how sus someone is.
  • simp: Tells you if a user is a simp. LOL.
  • horny: Tells you how horny someone is. 😳


Ship anything from people to things

  • ship user
  • ship thing


A bunch of fun actions to mess around with

  • actions joke
  • actions owoify
  • actions meme
  • actions why
  • actions hug
  • actions eject
  • actions insult
  • actions fox
  • actions bonk
  • actions kiss
  • actions hack
  • actions panda
  • actions smug
  • actions eightball
  • actions pat
  • actions redpanda
  • actions tickle
  • actions pikachu
  • actions kill
  • actions comment
  • actions fact
  • actions nitro
  • actions slap
  • actions wasted


A bunch of fun actions to mess around with

  • animals dog
  • animals birb
  • animals cat


Image generation commands

  • image challenge
  • image captcha
  • image calling
  • image phub
  • image drake
  • image supreme
  • image achievement



  • welcomer disable
  • welcomer help
  • welcomer setup

Economy: All Things Economy


Economy commands.

  • eco profile

Mod: Commands for Moderators to Keep Your Server Safe

  • toggle: Toggle commands in your server to be enabled/disabled.
  • addrole: Adds a role to a user.
  • removerole: Removes a role from a user.
  • deleterole: Deletes a role from the server.
  • perms: Tells you what permissions the bot has.
  • fuckoff: Makes the bot leave the server.
  • nickname: Nicknames a user from the current server.
  • toggleslow: Toggles slow mode in the chat channel or for all channels in the guild.
  • hoist: Changes users' names that are hoisting themselves (Ignores Bots).
  • reset_names: Tries to reset all members' nicknames in the current server (Ignores bots).
  • bans: Shows the server's bans with the ban reason.
  • banreason: Shows the ban reason for a user in the current server.
  • fban: Totally bans a member from the server.
  • sban: Silently bans a member from the server; the user will not get a DM.
  • massban: Ban multiple members at once.
  • unban: Unbans a member from the server.
  • unbanall: Unbans everyone from the server.
  • softban: Soft bans a member from the server.
  • stealemoji:
  • nuke: Deletes a channel and clones it for you to quickly delete all the messages inside of it.
  • mute: Mute someone for a certain amount of time, from 10 seconds to 28 days.
  • unmute: Unmute someone.
  • purge: Removes messages that meet a criteria.


Finds a user within your search term

  • find nickname
  • find username
  • find discrim
  • find id


Group command for channel-related things

  • channel create
  • channel edit
  • channel edit description
  • channel edit nsfw
  • channel edit userlimit
  • channel delete
  • channel rename


A group command for role-related commands

  • role create
  • role delete
  • role edit

Games: Play Some Fun Games with Me!

  • 2048: Play 2048 game.
  • minesweeper: Play Minesweeper.
  • wumpus: Play Wumpus game.
  • tictactoe: Play Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • rps: Play Rock, Paper, Scissors game.
  • truthordare: Play truth and dare!

Music: Jam Out to Your Favorite Songs


Music commands!

  • music ff
  • music lofi_fix
  • music resume
  • music pause
  • music play
  • music lofi
  • music queue
  • music disconnect
  • music gb
  • music shuffle
  • music skip
  • music volume
  • music playing

Discord: Server-related Things :D

  • regex:
  • listemoji: Lists all available emojis in a server, perfect for an emoji channel.
  • avatar: Get anyone's avatar within Discord.
  • roles: Get all roles in the current server.
  • joinedat: Check when a user joined the current server.
  • mods: Check which mods are in the current guild.
  • firstmessage: Provide a link to the first message in the current or provided channel.
  • channelstats: Gets stats for the current channel you're in.
  • suggest: Suggest things this bot should or should not have.
  • icon: Get the current server icon.
  • banner: Get the current banner image.
  • roleinfo: Get information about a role.
  • translate: Translate a message to English using Google translate.
  • massrole: Mass give a role to all users in the server (Ignores bots).
  • afk: Set your AFK status.
  • massrole_remove: Mass remove a role from everyone in the server (Doesn't ignore bots).
  • serverinfo: Check info about the current server.
  • userinfo: Gather information about a user.
  • hex: Generates

a picture for a given color code.


Manage your watchlist

  • watchlist remove
  • watchlist list
  • watchlist add


Allows users to give themselves a color

  • color create-all
  • color stats
  • color remove-all
  • color list

Info: Info Commands for Info-Related Things

  • weather: Get weather data for a location.
  • convert: Converts between various units.
  • vote: Vote for the bot.
  • invite: Get an invite to the bot.
  • password: Generates a random password string for you.
  • stats: Get some information about the bot.
  • ping: Ping the bot.
  • say: Speak through the bot uwu.
  • rules: Embedded rules command for sending or updating server rules in an embed.
  • embedsay: Embedded say command for neatly formatted text walls.
  • policy: Privacy Policy.
  • profile: Show your user profile.
  • bio: Set your profile bio.
  • timestamp: Displays given time in all Discord timestamp formats.
  • alert: Read the latest alert.
  • archived_alerts: Archived alerts.


Opt in or out of bots message history fetching

  • opt in
  • opt out

Bump Reminder: Get Reminders When It's Time to Bump Your Server!


Setup your bump reminder settings and set a channel - bump modify - bump watch



Tag-related commands

  • tag raw
  • tag search
  • tag info
  • tag claim
  • tag list
  • tag create
  • tag edit
  • tag delete


Prefix/ or ;;



  • Interactive buttons