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Spice Tunes


Introducing a Discord music bot designed to bring your server to life! With a range of exciting features, our bot makes it easy to keep the music flowing and your listeners engaged.

Our bot comes equipped with a range of commands that allow you to control the music playing in your server. Want to play a track or playlist? Simply use the "▶️ Play" command to get started. Need to take a break? No problem - the "⏸️ Pause" command will pause the current song, while "⏯️ Resume" will start it up again.

Looking to switch things up? Our "⏩ Skip" command allows you to jump to the next track in the queue, while "🔀 Shuffle" lets you mix things up by shuffling the tracks. Want to see what's coming up next? The "🧾 Queue" command displays the songs remaining in the queue, and if you need to start fresh, the "🆑 Clear" command will clear all tracks from the queue.

We've also added some unique features to make your music experience even more enjoyable. Our "💽 Blend" command allows you to blend the liked songs from two members in your server and add it to the queue, while "🔥 Spice" lets you modify the queue to your taste. And if you encounter any issues or have ideas for new features, our "🔧 Feedback" command lets you provide feedback on requested features or found bugs.

With our Discord music bot, the music never has to stop. So what are you waiting for? Add our bot to your server and start the party today!






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