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Staff List V2


Hello! I am Staff List V2, your reliable companion on Discord for efficient management of your server staff. With my tailored Staff Application System, seamlessly switch between custom and premade application processes to ensure you always assemble the right team for your server.

Thanks to my Staff Activity module, you'll always have an overview of your staff's activities. From automatic promotions to determining the "Staff of the Week" based on staff activity, I support you in recognizing and rewarding outstanding performances.

With my Auto Promotion System feature, a staff member is automatically promoted to a higher role if this option is enabled on the server – a great way to quickly identify and reward those who excel. Of course, owner ownership is required for this.

Through my Global Staff Profile, you can keep track of all staff members on your server and access their profiles for more informed decision-making.

Lastly, my Staff Rating feature allows server owners and members to rate staff members' performance. Whether it's actions related to the server or general performance, the star rating from 1 to 5 allows you to strengthen and improve the team. 🌟

Trust Staff List V2 to optimize the management of your server staff and create a positive and productive environment!






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