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Youtube & Twitch



This Discord bot watches YouTube and Twitch to see if new content has been released.


  • Choose a notification channel per content creator
  • Check for new content every 5-10-30-45-60-90-120 minutes
  • Customise the message using placeholders


Most of the setup is done on the website:

https://discord.kevahu.networkFavicon for

Keep in mind, to set up this bot, you must be the Owner or have Administrator permissions in the server.

1. Invite the bot to the server

Invite the bot to the server by clicking the “Add to Server” button or the “Invite” button on the website

2. Log into the Dashboard

Log in using your Discord username and the server ID of the server you want to set up.

More information of how to find your server ID can be found here:,%20right-click%20the%20Server%20name%20above%20the%20text%20channel%20listFavicon for,%20right-click%20the%20Server%20name%20above%20the%20text%20channel%20list

Keep in mind, to log in, you must be the Owner or have Administrator permissions.

3. Go to your DM's with the bot

You should have received a DM from the bot containing a link to your Dashboard. This link will only be valid for a short period of time.

Did you not receive a DM? Make sure the Discord bot is allowed to send you Direct Messages.

Right-click the server > Privacy Settings > Direct Messages

4. Create a new Job

Enter the URL to the YouTube- or Twitch channel / video. Select the desired channel to post the notification message. Choose how frequent the bot checks for new content. Write your message.

The notification message supports the following placeholder:

  • {link} – The URL to the YouTube video or Twitch stream
  • {name} – The name of the YouTuber or Twitch Streamer
  • {title} – The title of the video or stream
  • {desc} – The description of the video or stream

Keep in mind that Title and Description for Twitch are one and the same.

After creating a Job, it will appear on the top of the page.

5. Edit a Job

You can edit a job by changing the field and clicking “Edit”.

6. Remove a Job

You can remove a job by clicking the “Delete” button.


When removing the Discord bot from a server will also remove all data the bot had of the server.


We are always open for feedback or questions!

Ask away in our Discord Server: for






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