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Then this is the right way to go, you can simply prompt an embed where all your members can assign their Pronouns by simply clicking a button, they will also show globally in the /info command. Selected Pronouns will always be synchronized between all guilds Waya and the users are in, but of course you can also select Pronouns only server specific if you want ;)

Get started with: /prompt pronouns


This Starboard is made so your members and you can highlight stupid, funny, weird, questionable and interesting messages to have a little bit of fun in an extra channel so everyone can see it. Waya will let you to configure a lot of stuff listed below, your community will love it 💕

Get started with: /config => Starboard


Waya records all messages sent by a user (of course only the amount and not it's content), but of course that's not all, Waya also counts how many users a user has invited on the invite leaderboard. The leaderboard always shows the top 10 members in the category of your server. Note that there are two types of leaderboards, once the static one which only shows the current stats and your own position, and the updating one which updates in an interval to up to 6 minutes (or less/more often).

⚠️ Pease Note: In order for it to work correctly, Waya will need ViewChannels permissions in every channel of your server to count correctly. For the invitations leaderboard, Waya will need ManageServer permissions!

Get Static with: /leaderboard <type> Get Updating with, /prompt leaderboard


Log all messages in your server that either have been Edited or Deleted completely with the style and swag of Waya and catch hidden rule violations, trolls, ghost pings and more. There is also an option for data geeks 👀

Read more about message counting and message leaderboards in the #Leaderboards section ^^
Summon the leaderboard with leaderboard <type:messages>

Get started with: /config => Logging => Messages


Here you can log all events of users Joining and Leaving your server. Whenever a user joines, Waya will log the User Id, the Join Date, Account Creation Date and the Invitation link + the channel it was created in if any. It will also show the user who invited them in the /info command, and the inviter's /info <show:invites> will also list the invited user (as long as they didn't left).

⚠️ Pease Note: For the invitations tracking, Waya will need ManageServer permissions!

Get started with: /config => Logging => Joins

Verification / Captcha

You can also have your members verified with a captcha from GeeTest. We do not use Google or hCaptcha to increase security as they are known to be easily bypassed. Waya also verifies the user's email address if it is a temporary mail. You can automatically assign roles if successful and punish people with a kick, ban, timeout or other role. With a Enterprise plan, you can also change the color of the site and switch between 7 different Captcha options.

Get started with: /config => Logging => Joins => CAPTCHA
Continue with: /prompt verify for


Waya also has member filtering on joining, which allows you to manage the members that are joining in and automatically Timeout, Kick, Ban them or simply just assign a special role to them. This feature can pretend users from joining with newly created Alternating Accounts and/or protect your server agains mass user joins (when using new accounts). You can set an age trigger between 0 - 28 days and assign the before listed action.

Get started with: /config => Logging => Joins => Filter


You can not only annoy all your new members with an extremely long message when they first join that may or may not just ping them, you can also assign the user a role if you want to do so. You will be able to use a ton of placeholders which include joined user info, the guilds info and the user who invited them (if enabled).

Get started with: /config => Logging => Welcoming


You can not only just greet users if they join, but also send a custom message if they (sadly or luckily) leave your holy place again. Keep ing mind that the inviter will awalys lose that invite again from /info if they leave, the count also will be lowered by one (regardless of this being enabled or not).

Get started with: /config => Logging => Welcoming


You can create a shiny Embed for users to create tickets in your servers. You can of course style the message Embed in the way you want with custom everything (listed in the Available options below). You can also select ticket staff in the /config command and ping them, edit the unclaimed and claimed messages inside of the tickets including a ton of placeholders about the user, your guild and the ticket itself and dates, same applies for the ticket channel topic. If you want, you can also force users to enter a Ticket opening reason before creating the actual ticket, log all messages being send in a transcript (which will be send on ticket deletion). If you want to, you can also force your moderators to enter a reason why the ticket was being closed. All of those features are as always for free obviosly. If you want you can also let Waya automatically close the ticket if the ticket creator has left the server in peace.

Get started with: /config => Ticketing Continue with: /prompt tickets

Tags / Custom Commands

Then this is the right way to store messages and send the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. This will let you create a custom message with full customizable embed and message content. You can also implement the placeholders such as user information, guild data, current static date, current date with discord formatation, and ticket information if the tag is being used in tickets (will be limited to tickets only), with Waya premium you will also be able to use tag related placeholders, implement a custom footer and create more than just 32 tags.

Get started with: /tags create
Use with: wa tags <name>
List all with: wa tags

Embed Message Links

If you or your server members are used to send a lot of message links but it's hard to follow what message link goes where and what ever. You can enable Waya to reply with the message contents, it's media and embeds when sending one or multiple message links. The user who sent the message link and all server moderators can delete the message with the button again. Note that it supports all discord release channels (stable/ptb/canary)

Get started with: /config => Miscs => Embed Messages

Sticky Messages

Do you want a message always on the bottom so members can read it? Sticky messages are the solution for this problem! Simply setup a message using the command below, edit everything how you want to have it, and it will resend the message all 6 seconds if new ones appeared!

Get started with: /stickymessages create

And much more that we cannot show here, so better invite itFavicon for!






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